Wisconsin homeowners should avoid “cheap” vinyl replacement windows

We all see those “too good to be true” deals on the TV, in magazines, in the Sunday paper, on the internet, and on billboards.  Most of the time we just give these deals a glance and then move on.  But if you are in desperate need of new windows for your entire home ASAP […]

Why AHT Wisconsin Windows is Different Than Other Wisconsin Window Companies

My father always told me that it’s not the problem that matters.  It’s what you do about the problem that matters. This brings me to a problem we see too often with other local contractors in the Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, and Brookfield areas.   We see too often in the home improvement industry, contractors agreeing […]

Why Certifications Matter in the Contractor Business

In an industry flooded with dishonest contractors willing to take your money without doing a good job or even completing the job, it is important to look for a contractor that has taken those extra steps to gain licenses, achievements, and certifications to build trust with local homeowners.  At AHT, we have no problem in […]

When is the optimal time for window installation?

Most folks assume that once it starts snowing in November, and until the snow is melted in March or April, you can’t install custom replacement windows if it’s cold out.  That’s not the case, because we do window installations all year long. The fact is that there is no bad time to install custom replacement […]

Signs Your Replacement Windows Were Improperly Installed

When it comes to replacement window installation, the quality of the window and the knowledge and experience of the installer largely dictates whether the window will have future problems.  Here are a few signs your windows may be improperly installed: Difficulty opening and closing. If your window sticks and you have to force it to […]

Experience and Reputation Matter when Choosing A Replacement Window Company

If you are considering replacing the windows in your home, you have an important decision to make. As you start to shop around, you will have a lot of choice. There are many window companies to choose from and here are a few tips to help guide you through the process: Look for the Number […]

Service after the sale: An important factor to consider when choosing replacement windows

You have decided to replace your windows. This is an exciting time because you are making an investment that will affect the energy efficiency, comfort, value and beauty of your home.   There will be several important decisions to make when selecting your new windows: Style; frame material; solid or hollow core, panes of glass, gas […]

Ever Think About Changing The Style Of Your Windows For A Completely New Look?

If you are a homeowner, you know it takes a lot of work to turn your house into a space that completely satisfies you. Everyone wants their unique style to be shown throughout their home. It’s often the little changes that can make all the difference in the overall style and feel of your home. […]

GET THE FACTS: Low – e Coating

GET THE FACTS: Low – e Coatings In this week’s GET THE FACTS series we’re going to talk about low-e coatings and why they are a must have feature when you are shopping for replacement windows in Wisconsin. What is Low-e Glass? Low-e stands for low emissivity, which is the ability to transfer energy and […]

The Official Schedule of Events for AHT Wisconsin Windows

AHT Wisconsin Windows is scheduled to participate in a number of county fairs across the state of Wisconsin, and we’d love you to join us to learn more about our business and our premier window products and services. Click on any of the links below to read more about the upcoming appearance schedule for AHT […]