Replacement Windows Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville, and Madison, WI

Replacement Windows in Green BayWhen you need replacement windows in Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville and Madison, WI areas, there is just one name you need to remember – AHT Wisconsin Windows. Since 1967, we have been the window replacement company that individuals throughout The Badger State have chosen for windows that are “built frozen tundra tested tuff” and made right here in the United States.

Indeed there are many reasons to choose AHT Wisconsin Windows when you want replacement windows installed in your home in Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, or Clintonville community here are a four:

    • Our replacement windows are ranked “most efficient” by ENERGY STAR – Featuring triple-pane glass with two Low-E coatings and krypton gas fills, our energy efficient windows are designed for the Wisconsin climate and will help keep the temperature inside your home more stable throughout the year.


    • We install home windows of unmatched durability – Our windows are made with state-of-the-art expanded polymer composites that are 400 percent stronger than typical vinyl. Featuring welded corners and a 3-1/4” master frame, our windows will help protect your home against the elements.


    • You can choose from a wide range of styles and aesthetic options – From double hung to bay and bow, our replacement windows are available in a multitude of styles to suit the architectural character of your home. We also offer a wide selection of exterior and interior finishes to complement the look of your home.


  • Our windows are backed by an unbeatable warranty – Not only do our house windows come with a 50-year transferable, non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty, but we also offer a 50-year workmanship guarantee.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Replacement Windows in WisconsinA window engineered to provide great looks, incredible energy saving design features, and ease of operation and cleaning.

The unique tilt mechanism ensures an air tight design not found in other windows while allowing both top and bottom sashes to easily tilt-in for cleaning. Standard is a half-length screen but full-length screens are available so both top and bottom sashes can be opened without concern of insects.

Our frame design is 400% stronger than standard vinyl windows. Other vinyl windows need metal stiffeners to hold hardware and keep the frame from warping. The metal conducts hot and cold reducing energy efficiency compared to the AHT composite design.

Using a full 1" glass package gives optimal U-value, and accommodates our high performance triple-glazed package that qualifies for the homeowner premium warranty.

Check out our videos from Scott the Window Guy on how to use and care for your AHT replacement windows!

How to Clean Your New Double Hung AHT Window

Scott provides a quick tutorial on how easy it is to clean your new AHT Double Hung Window.

Slider Windows

Slider Windows Replacement Slider Windows in Wisconsin

AHT Wisconsin Windows' engineers have come up with a slider window design that is equal in performance to double-hung windows. You will effortlessly glide each sash open on a unique T-track that eliminates wheels and unsightly brass marks, innovative engineering to eliminate problems associated with older slider systems.

Our sliders glide with ease and the sashes lift up and out of the window into the home. The fully reinforced window screen unfastens to the inside as well.  This makes cleaning your new windows easy and something that can be done from the inside of the home!

Available in two or three-lite units, extended sizes and several design options. All sashes can easily be removed for cleaning as well as serving as emergency exits.

Check out our videos from Scott the Window Guy on how to use and care for your AHT replacement windows!


In-Swing Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Awning Replacement Windows in WisconsinWhen replacing the windows in your home, it's very important to remember the window over the kitchen sink. The Awning Window is specially designed making it easier to reach when opening and keeping a clear field of view with no obstructions.

It's built to allow for adequate ventilation and every window is designed with the same energy saving specifications as all of our composite window systems. You'll love the easy operation of our awning windows.

Check out our videos from Scott the Window Guy on how to use and care for your AHT replacement windows!

Casement Windows

Casement Windowsaht-wisconsin-windows-casement-window

Casement windows give you the best of both worlds! Casement windows improve airflow so your home receives more fresh air when opened, and when closed they provide improved security with multi-point locking hardware.

Casements are available with a 90-degreee hinge for maximum ventilation that also meets egress building code requirements. This hinge makes it possible to reach the entire window from inside making cleaning from inside or out a breeze.

Check out our videos from Scott the Window Guy on how to use and care for your AHT replacement windows!

How to Clean Your Casement Window

Learn the no-fuss way to easily clean your AHT casement window, demonstrated by Scott the Window Guy.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Replacement Windows in WisconsinBay and Bow windows give your home a custom designer look and feel, plus an extra space and dimension to any room without the expense of traditional room additions.

Give your home a new look replacing a straight window with a projecting bay or bow window. Custom made to fit your opening. Many options are available with AHT bay and bow windows - composite casements, picture windows or double-hung units.

Check out our videos from Scott the Window Guy on how to use and care for your AHT replacement windows!

Seven More Reasons to Invest in Replacement Windows

Bay and Bow Replacement Windows in Appleton

Are you tired of your drafty old windows that won’t close properly, are difficult to open, impossible to clean and allow cold air into your home? If that is not enough, here are seven additional reasons to invest in replacement windows –

  1. Reduce your heating and cooling costs
  2. Eliminate 99.5% of Ultraviolet damage
  3. Make your home more comfortable and less drafty
  4. Give you a quieter home
  5. Virtually no maintenance
  6. Improve home security
  7. Enhance the beauty and “curb appeal” of your home

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

replacement windows Green Bay

Older windows that are poorly designed, constructed and installed allow energy to pass through easily, reducing efficiency and increasing your monthly energy bills. The best way to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and energy efficient is to go for the kind of window replacement that Wisconsin contractors recommend and replace your old, drafty windows with high performance, energy efficient replacement windows from AHT Wisconsin Windows.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) windows in the U.S. account for 30% of building heating and cooling energy loss – for more information on energy star windows and doors click here.

Measuring Energy Savings in Your Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

We are pleased to be able to offer you energy efficient replacement windows that are among the most efficient on the market, with a superior thermal performance that is built into the frames, glass and entire windows package. We can even measure the difference. Industry standards have been established for rating the energy performance of replacement windows. Every window we make comes with a label from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) showing how our windows perform, based on the following laboratory tests:


The most important measure of a window’s performance is its U-value. The U-value indicates the rate of heat flow through a window. The lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the window will be. U-value measures the entire window unit — glass, frame, sash, spacers — and is the only measurement accepted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program.


R-value is the measure of the resistance of glass to the flow of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the glass will be at insulating your home. But R-value is NOT an accepted form of measurement by the National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC) or EnergyStar, as it does not measure the overall window unit.

What is the NFRC?

The National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC) is an independent, non-profit organization that administers the only nationally accepted rating system for energy performance of windows, doors, and skylights. The NFRC provides fair, accurate and reliable energy performance ratings so that architects, engineers, builders, code officials, contractors, and homeowners can compare different products and make informed choices. Look for the NFRC label on any replacement window you purchase.

Durable Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows Appleton

Our windows are the most innovative, energy efficient and durable replacement windows available on the market today – designed exclusively for Wisconsin weather.

The frame is made of Expanded Polymer Composites (EPC). EPC are materials produced in the presence of physical/chemical blowing agents, resins, additives and modifiers resulting in a foaming material with closed cells to enhance and improve impact resistance, weathering characteristics and superior thermal performance. Additionally EPC also provides a window with the appearance and beauty of wood, without the maintenance hassles.

Other features of AHT Wisconsin Replacement Windows include:

    • Insulates 214% better than hollow rigid vinyl windows
    • Insulates 62% better than wood windows
    • Will not rot, chip or fade and resists insects, molds, mildew and fungus
    • Surface hardness and screw holding power is superior to pine
    • Carries UL-VO-94 fire rating – The Best!
    • Passed salt-water exposure of 1,000 hours
    • Expansion / Contraction rate is well below rigid vinyl
    • Durable 3-1/4″ master frame and welded corners deliver years of strength and beauty
    • Warm edge spacer system provides additional insulation value
    • Low-E glass package virtually eliminates heat convection
    • Triple weather stripping and full depth interlock on sashes virtually eliminate drafts
    • Sound absorbent materials for peace and quiet
    • Tilt-in sashes allow for easy cleaning from inside your home. No ladders needed.
    • High-security ventilation locks help protect your family and home.
    • Durable master frames constructed from expanded polymer composites that are 400 percent stronger than ordinary vinyl
    • Triple-pane, American-made glass packs with two layers of krypton gas fills that serve as a barrier against weather, noise, condensation, and icing
    • Maintenance-free for years of value and enjoyment

Not only do we offer outstanding energy efficient replacement windows, but we also provide customer service that is second to none. Our commitment to providing an excellent experience for our customers has helped us to earn a multitude of accolades, including a Top 500 ranking among home improvement companies in the United States by Qualified Remodeler magazine every year since 1998. You simply won’t find better products or service anywhere – period.

Discover How to Be More Comfortable While Saving Money!

If the windows and doors in your home are not doing the job they were designed to do, it’s time to look into replacing them with high-efficiency windows and doors from AHT Wisconsin Windows, instead of just calling for a window repair. We’d be happy to provide a free estimate for replacement windows in Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville, Madison, WI and nearby areas. Just call us toll-free at (866) 367-6560, or click here to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home estimate.