50-Year Warranty

AHT Wisconsin Windows wants you to have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to your windows and doors. We believe our Composite replacement window systems and entry doors are the best there is, with superior quality and performance.  

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That’s why we can confidently offer our customers a full 50-year warranty our windows and doors.

The warranty is not pro-rated and is fully transferable if you sell your home. We simply want you to know that, if you ever have a problem with replacement windows or doors installed by AHT Wisconsin Windows, we’ll be there to take care of it.

That’s the kind of warranty our customers deserve.

Exclusive 50-Year Workmanship Warranty

AHT Wisconsin Windows offers a 50-year workmanship warranty that covers labor. Because AHT employees do the work, we stand behind it.  We provide full coverage on the labor where other companies do not.  

10-Year Glass Breakage Warranty

We know that our windows are the highest quality replacement windows in Wisconsin but glass can break.  We offer a 10-year glass breakage warranty, for any reason, because we understand accidents happen.  At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are covered.   

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FAQ’s about Replacement Window Warranties:

What does “transferable” mean? 

Transferable means that if the home is sold, AHT Wisconsin Windows will honor the warranty for the new homeowners until the 50 years has been completed.

Most warranties are useless, what makes this warranty any better than other warranties?

Our Starmark Warranty covers the Composite Frame & Sash Members, Insulated Glass, and Hardware.  The warranty ensures that these parts are covered to stay in working order for 50 years.  What this warranty does not cover, are weather related damages, accidents, negligence, or exposure to harsh chemicals.  Most homeowners insurance covers accidents and weather related damages.  If you have more questions about this, call 888-874-9339.

Do the warranties automatically come with the purchase and installation of my windows and doors or do I need to pay extra for it?  

Yes, the warranty automatically comes with your windows and doors.  No, you do not need to pay more for the warranties.  We stand by our work which is why we are able to offer a 50 year transferable workmanship warranty.  We don’t use subcontractors so our own inhouse team or window and door installers that have been trained for quality workmanship can stand by a job done the right way.  When you are getting a in-home estimate, be sure to ask if the company offers a Workmanship warranty, any company that can’t most likely uses subcontractors and cannot stand behind the quality of their work.