Ever Think About Changing The Style Of Your Windows For A Completely New Look?

If you are a homeowner, you know it takes a lot of work to turn your house into a space that completely satisfies you. Everyone wants their unique style to be shown throughout their home. It’s often the little changes that can make all the difference in the overall style and feel of your home. An example of this would be changing the style of your windows for an entirely new look. There are many different styles and types of replacement windows to choose from so picking the window type that works best for you might be a little tricky.

  • Double Hung Windows: some windows are considered a “classic look” because of the beauty and utility factors combined. A double hung window is the perfect example of a “classic look.” They have natural ventilation, beauty, and they are low maintenance.double hung windows appleton wi
  • Slider Windows: Slider windows are similar to double hung windows except they slide open horizontally instead of vertically. Being able to slide open the window rather than lifting it makes them more durable because they don’t rely on springs to stay open.
  • slider windows madison wi
  • In-Swing Awning Windows: in-swing awning windows are exactly how they sound. They swing open from the bottom and prop open. These are perfect for above your kitchen sink so it’s easily accessible to open and it gives you a clear view with no obstructions.

awning kitchen window in-swing Green Bay

  • Casement Windows: these windows swing open vertically giving you ultimate airflow. Casement windows also have endless designs you can choose from and exceptional security.casement window clintonville wi  
  • Bay and Bow Windows: all homes could benefit from bay and bow windows. They are the focal point of any space! Since they are so big, they make the room appear larger than it actually is and provide the best natural lighting. Add a window seat for a stylish look and extra seating!casement windows clintonville wi replacement window


On top of having an updated style and feel to your home, replacement windows are a smart investment. Older windows typically allow energy to pass through them easily, which reduces energy efficiency and increases your monthly energy bill. AHT Windows provide the most innovative, energy efficient, and durable replacement windows available on the market today – designed exclusively for Wisconsin weather.

If you are thinking about changing the style of your windows for a completely new feel to your home, it’s time to look into replacing them with high-efficiency replacement windows from AHT Wisconsin Windows. We’d be happy to provide a free estimate for replacement windows in Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville, Madison, WI, and nearby areas. Just call us toll-free at (866) 367-6560, or click here to schedule a free, no obligation in-home estimate.