When is the optimal time for window installation?

Most folks assume that once it starts snowing in November, and until the snow is melted in March or April, you can’t install custom replacement windows if it’s cold out.  That’s not the case, because we do window installations all year long. The fact is that there is no bad time to install custom replacement windows.

Some homeowners don’t want us opening up their house when it’s five degrees outside because they’re worried about the loss of heat.  However, with a custom replacement window that’s measured exactly to the opening, once we get thegreen bay window company old window out, it’s probably less than 10 minutes before the new window is installed.  Within 10 minutes the window is going to be in and, while it won’t be completely sealed and done, it’ll be in to the point where there isn’t a lot of cold air coming in. The little bit of heat that is lost by doing the installation in the winter will be gained back within a week or even less, thanks to the new window’s higher energy efficiency.  The same thing goes for installation in the summer, although, then, people are not ordinarily as concerned about letting heat in briefly. The other benefit to a winter installation is that you feel the difference the windows make right after they are installed. We often hear, “We can feel the difference already.”

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