Why AHT Wisconsin Windows is Different Than Other Wisconsin Window Companies

My father always told me that it’s not the problem that matters.  It’s what you do about the problem that matters. This brings me to a problem we see too often with other local contractors in the Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, and Brookfield areas.  

We see too often in the home improvement industry, contractors agreeing to do a job yet seem totally disinterested in finishing the job once they’ve started.  Typically, they’ll start a project, and then they’ll take off for a week and go to somebody else’s project and work on that because that guy started screaming because the contractor wasn’t showing up there. Then they’ll come back and work a day or two on your project.  Then, when someone else starts screaming, they’ll be gone again. Sometimes it is weeks or months before they actually finish it. This isn’t something that you, as a consumer, should ever have to put up with.replacement window company

Years and years ago, when my father owned the company, we decided that once we are hired for a job and we are on that job working, we are not pulling off of that job until it’s complete.  Once it’s done to the customer’s satisfaction, only then do we go on to the next job and complete that project. People ask us, “Well, when can you get it done? We want to get it done right away,” and I tell them, “we have 4-6 weeks backlog right now, but when we come to do your project, we’re going to be here until the project is done.  The person’s project we’re working on while you’re waiting for yours gets that same consideration. When we’re done, you’re going to have everything you’ve contracted for and the job will be completed before we go to the next person,” I believe in the long run people appreciate this type of service versus working for a few days, pulling off the job, and letting people wonder when you’re going to complete it.  I also believe you get a better job when everything is organized and complete.

Doing the job right is important to us.  We have always valued and learned from all of our customers’ feedback over the past 53 years which has made us still a great company today.  All of our windows are made in the USA and come with a 50-year warranty on the windows and workmanship. We are a family-owned and operated business that serves Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, and the surrounding areas.  If you are in need of replacement windows or doors, call 888.874.9339 for a free quote.