2012 True Home Value Sweepstakes

True Home Value, maker of the Composite windows and doors available through AHT Wisconsin Windows, has an offer you can’t refuse. Well, you could refuse it, but since it doesn’t cost anything and could earn you a $10,000 check and a $15,000 gift certificate good for home improvements, it just makes sense to participate, right? […]

Spring Forward, Wisconsin

  The arrival of daylight savings time seems ideal this year. With warmer temperatures in place in the coming days, mentioning the word “spring” seems so amazingly relevant. We’ll even enjoy high temperatures in the 70s more than once later in the week. So getting outside and making the most of it seems inevitable, especially […]

Replacing Wisconsin Windows with Cracks

A crack in a window can appear for many reasons. Regardless of how it starts, correcting the issue quickly is important. Delays in replacing the cracked pane can result in higher energy costs, increased risk of injury, and elevated security risk to the home. A homeowner who searches the internet for temporary solutions to glass […]

Get Better Than Vinyl in a Wisconsin Replacement Window

In the world of technology, it seems keeping up with the latest developments requires constant monitoring of the industry. As soon as a new product is on the market, as the joke goes, it becomes obsolete. It’s a lot to keep up with if you’re trying to actually keep up. Developments in other industries are […]

3 Easy Home Winterizing Tips

It’s time again, time to winterize your home and we have some ideas for you. Here are three helpful and easy tips for you to use this winter. 1. Pipes Burst pipes are a nightmare but they are preventable. First, before freezing nights start, make sure that the water to your hose bibs is shut […]

Bring the Outdoors Inside

          Are you looking for a way to expand the look of a room and bring more light into your home? Our Compozit patio door is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Not only do you get a beautiful addition to your home but an efficient one as well. […]

10 Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows

Have you ever wondered if you’re paying more than is necessary on your monthly heating and air conditioning bill? If your windows are drafty, old windows that won’t close properly and are difficult to open, then they are allowing cold air in and out of your home, and it’s time to replace your old windows […]