2012 True Home Value Sweepstakes

True Home Value, maker of the Composite windows and doors available through AHT Wisconsin Windows, has an offer you can’t refuse. Well, you could refuse it, but since it doesn’t cost anything and could earn you a $10,000 check and a $15,000 gift certificate good for home improvements, it just makes sense to participate, right? The details are all on the website.

House with replacement windows

What would you improve in your Wisconsin home? Perhaps you’d choose windows, patio doors or entry doors. That’s one of the questions you’ll need to answer on the entry form. In fact, it’s the first question. They get easier after that, as you just need to fill in your contact information. The whole thing could be finished in less than 2 minutes, especially if your typing is not a hunt-and-peck style.


This sweepstakes is not limited to Wisconsin. In fact, it’s open to residents in the service areas of participating Composite authorized dealers in most of Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and parts of Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma and Nebraska. If you have friends or relatives in those places, feel free to let them know, unless of course you’re highly competitive and like to keep these kinds of contests to yourself.


Don’t think you could be the chosen one? That’s what happened to the latest winner, Dale Hancock of Kentucky, who signed up at a home show. She was completely stunned and actually quite skeptical when the team announced to her outside her home that she just won the $25,000 prize. Check out her reaction on the video posted at the link below.




After you enter the sweepstakes, visit www.ahtwindows.com to learn more about the types of replacement window and door options available to homeowners in Green Bay, Madison, Oshkosh and beyond. Arrange a free estimate by calling 877-578-0495. Be sure to ask about our $57 per month plan too.