Spring Forward, Wisconsin


The arrival of daylight savings time seems ideal this year. With warmer temperatures in place in the coming days, mentioning the word “spring” seems so amazingly relevant. We’ll even enjoy high temperatures in the 70s more than once later in the week. So getting outside and making the most of it seems inevitable, especially if you feel the urge to do a little spring cleaning.

Window washing may be on your things-to-list as the warm weather settles in this week. No doubt the normally low appeal of such a task is improved by the welcome break from the chill of winter. But keep in mind, washing windows is best done on a cloudy day because direct sunlight will dry those cleaning solutions before your work is truly finished.

Whether your windows are old or new, taking the time to clean them carefully, inside and out, is the best way to enjoy them. You’ll want to avoid leaving streaks and a squeegee can help, especially one with a long handle. You can even change directions inside so you can tell which side of the window has streaks, if any are left. Once clean, those windows can be polished as well with something as simple as a clean cotton t-shirt.

While the glass is the largest surface area and most noticeable part of the window, careful cleaning also involves the little areas. Those cotton swabs you seem to have a surplus of in the bathroom are useful for cleaning the corners. Make sure whatever “tools” or cleaning solutions you use are suitable for the surface and won’t scratch or damage it.

Cleaning older windows can be a good time to consider replacing them with newer, more attractive and energy efficient ones. Then you can truly Spring Forward in your home. Find out more about Wisconsin replacement windows by visiting www.ahtwindows.com, or call today to schedule a free replacement windows estimate.