Replacing Wisconsin Windows with Cracks

A crack in a window can appear for many reasons. Regardless of how it starts, correcting the issue quickly is important. Delays in replacing the cracked pane can result in higher energy costs, increased risk of injury, and elevated security risk to the home.

A homeowner who searches the internet for temporary solutions to glass cracks may discover a wide variety of “answers” out there. One of those suggestions may involve using clear packing tape. While short-term solutions like that one can extend the life of the window, they actually do a disservice to the resident.

One significant risk of ignoring a crack in a window is the increased potential for injury. If the window is one that will be opened and closed, operating the window could expand the crack, even causing the glass to fall out and cause an injury. Also, since the window’s strength is compromised, an injury could stem from a person leaning against the window.

A second concern related to window cracks is tied to the security of a home. A cracked window advertises a weak spot that may be targeted by would-be burglars looking for an easy entry into your home. If the problem window is visible from the street, even if it’s a second-story window, it could attract the attention of less-than-desirable people passing by—or even unscrupulous neighbors.

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The biggest impact of neglecting a window crack is an ongoing threat that occurs day and night. It’s the continuous loss of heat during chilly Wisconsin winters and any other time when you’re trying to keep the house warm. The actual amount of energy loss will differ from home to home, but there are some variables that you should keep in mind. Problem windows that are older than 10 years, inadequately insulated and open-facing to receive the brunt of a cold wind can add to the expense of heating a home.

As you take a look at the windows in your home to assess what seem like minor issues, such as cracks, remember the coinciding safety, security, and energy loss issues that accompany even a small glass fracture. Then remedy the problem with a call to Wisconsin’s replacement windows experts, AHT Wisconsin Windows. Our toll-free number is 877-578-0495, and you can learn more by visiting