Get Better Than Vinyl in a Wisconsin Replacement Window

In the world of technology, it seems keeping up with the latest developments requires constant monitoring of the industry. As soon as a new product is on the market, as the joke goes, it becomes obsolete. It’s a lot to keep up with if you’re trying to actually keep up. Developments in other industries are continuous as well, even if they tend to get overshadowed by the latest and greatest cell phone that has people standing in line for hours to buy. One of those developments you may have missed: composite windows.

As a homeowner, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of replacement windows. You know all about the need for better energy efficiency. You’re also keen on anything that offers low maintenance. You can get all that with vinyl windows so they have become a go-to product for many people in Wisconsin and across the U.S. But if you’ve never been introduced to Composite Windows, you’re about to find out why many of your neighbors are happily relying on AHT Wisconsin Windows to install them.

Sure, switching from the old wood to vinyl was a wise move. But the Composite Windows installed by AHT Wisconsin Windows actually insulate 214% better than hollow, rigid vinyl windows. That’s important throughout the four seasons, but especially during a winter in Green Bay, for example, when the average high temperatures remain below zero.

The rest of the benefits of Composite Windows are impressive too. These windows won’t rot, chip or fade. They’ll hold a screw better than pine, and they’re made of sound-absorbent materials. That’s a blessing for anyone living on a busy street.

Thanks to an affordable, custom-made product that fits your home, you can be on the cutting edge of technology—without standing in line for it. Simply call AHT Wisconsin Windows for a free, in-home estimate for homeowners from Green Bay to Oshkosh to Madison. Our toll-free number is (877) 578-0495, and we can discuss your replacement door needs as well.