What makes a replacement window qualified to be ENERGY STAR Rated?

You might have noticed that many replacement window companies install ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors but you might not know exactly what that means.  Here are some things you should know about Energy Star-qualified windows and doors. The windows or doors are manufactured by an ENERGY STAR Partner – An ENERGY STAR Partner must be […]

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Entry Door?

Entry doors have become the focal point of both modern and classic style homes.  Many people enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful front door, but there are also functional benefits that you should research before choosing the “cheap” stylish door to replace your home’s old and outdated front door.  AHT Wisconsin Windows installs Home […]

Energy Star Replacement Windows & Doors, What Does This Mean?

It’s commonplace to see products with Energy Star certification stickers on all major home renewal purchases from small appliances to larger building products. When it comes to selecting the right replacement window and door for your home, do you know what this certification means? We’ll cover the 4 things you need to know about replacement […]

AHT Entry Door Benefits

The style and design of your Wisconsin home is an awesome way to show off your personality and interests. When visiting friends and family’s homes, you can see their unique and individual styles. Your entry door is the first impression of your home! As people see your home from the street or walking up to […]

5 Signs Your Doors are in Need of an Update | Replacement Doors

Do you know exactly how old your current doors are? If you haven’t thought about them in a while, it might be time to start thinking of an update. With fall and winter coming up, it’s essential to make sure your home is properly insulated. Every homeowner needs to take the time every so often […]

Entry Door Trends for 2018

Your entry door is more than functional; it’s one of the first things people notice when they visit your home. Make a good impression! You want curb appeal and personality for your home’s exterior while setting the tone for your design style inside. There are a variety of styles and options to choose from, making […]

Understanding Your Replacement Window or Door Warranty

You want to be protected if there is a problem down the road with your replacement windows or doors making it important to understand the type of warranty you receive. All companies are required by law to provide you full details of the warranty they offer, in clear language, before purchase. Ask the following questions […]

Wood Front Doors Versus Fiberglass Front Doors

The entry door on your house serves many purposes, from providing security to your residence and family to improving the appearance of your home and its curb appeal. You may decide to upgrade your front door as part of an exterior renovation plan, or you might realize your home’s front door has reached the end […]

Your Buying Guide for Storm Doors

Your home may feature several types of doors from patio doors to interior doors to sliding glass doors, as well as security doors and storm doors. A storm door is an excellent addition to any home built in a locale where extreme weather occasionally visits. Here are some of the basics about storm doors, which […]

Return On Investment: It’s More Than Just Numbers

Home improvement projects beautify your home and create a more pleasant space for your family to live, and some projects also offer a great return on investment (ROI). If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, it’s a good idea to choose remodeling projects that will help you when you put […]