Increasing Home Security With Your Front Door

Is your old front door cracked and drafty? Could a strong shove break it’s panels? You might be in need of a completely new door, which can improve the security of your home, as well as its appearance and curb appeal. As you look for your new door, consider the following to help you make the best […]

Choosing the Right Door

As I mentioned last week, the front door is one of the most important pieces influencing your home’s curb appeal. Today, I want to expand on that idea to help you pick a front door. There are a handful of different things you’ll want to consider before purchasing a replacement door, or even when updating […]

A New Long-Term Relationship with Your Door

Considering how long you’ve had your current entry door, it’s easy to see why you keep it. It’s served you well and been reliable for years. It opens and shuts without a problem, although it may squeak on occasion. But over the course of time, it may not be meeting all of your needs anymore. […]