Your Buying Guide for Storm Doors

storm doorsYour home may feature several types of doors from patio doors to interior doors to sliding glass doors, as well as security doors and storm doors. A storm door is an excellent addition to any home built in a locale where extreme weather occasionally visits.

Here are some of the basics about storm doors, which should help you when it comes time to choose your new door.

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is a layered door that usually features two exterior layers made of aluminum and an interior layer made of foam insulation. Your storm door might have a screen or it might include some glass panels. Some modern storm doors feature removable panels that you can switch out, depending on the season.

Additional and common features of storm doors include a sweep, which is a strip along the edge of the door that helps keep air from leaking in or out of the home, as well as prevents dirt and other airborne contaminants from entering the house. Storm doors may be constructed to provide extra security via security glass and metal grills, and they may also feature several locks.

Getting the Right Storm Door for Your Home

Door manufacturers usually offer doors in two standard sizes of 32 inches and 36 inches. The 32-inch doors generally go on the back of the home, and the 36-inch doors are usually meant for the front. There are also some doors that come in 30 inches, but they’re usually installed on homes that were built before the 1980s. Some features of storm doors are also adjustable, which means you can get an exact fit for your home.

Your contractor or door installation professional will have all the hinges and pneumatic closers required for installation, as well as the handle set and the latches. Storm doors can be mounted, so they open to the left or right, just like many refrigerators so that you can match the existing door on your home with your new storm door.

Customization Options for Storm Doors

Like any exterior door, there are many ways to customize and personalize your storm door. Taking some time to choose a door with the right color and finish can make a significant difference in the appearance and result of the door once it’s installed on your home.

Some of the features you may choose to customize your door include:

  • Frame style (full-view, mid-view, and high-view)
  • Glass type (waterfall, beveled, high-efficiency glass)
  • Blinds (an optional feature for your storm door)
  • Door color (white and taupe are common, but any color is available)
  • Screen options (full-view, standard, and retractable)
  • Finishing touches (you can match the hardware to the rest of your home)

If you own a cat or dog who enjoys entering and exiting the house on his own schedule, you can also get a storm door that features a built-in pet door. There are also further options for customization that exist within each feature.

For example, not only can you choose a style of screen, but you can also choose screens made of different materials. Galvanized steel is an affordable option, but they can rust over time if you don’t recoat them on a regular basis. Aluminum screens are more resistant to corrosion, but they’re not a strong as galvanized steel, so you might not want to choose aluminum if security is at the top of your list.

Additional options for screen type include fiberglass and bronze. If you want the most durable screen, you’ll want to choose bronze. A fiberglass screen is an excellent option if you want a screen that’s easy to replace if it wears out or is damaged.

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