Understanding Your Replacement Window or Door Warranty

You want to be protected if there is a problem down the road with your replacement windows or doors making it important to understand the type of warranty you receive. All companies are required by law to provide you full details of the warranty they offer, in clear language, before purchase.

Ask the following questions to make sure you are fully covered.

Does the warranty cover workmanship and the product?

Workmanship warranty: This is your coverage for the quality of the workmanship or installation. If this is offered, ask how long the coverage lasts. It may not be the same length of time as the product warranty.

Product warranty: This is your coverage for only the product, in this case, your replacement windows or doors.

Entry Door Warranty OshkoshHaving both warranties makes sure you are fully covered in a warranty claim. If your warranty doesn’t cover both, you may find the claim isn’t covered. The manufacturer may say the replacement window or door wasn’t installed correctly and not honor a claim or vice versa.

It is a full or limited warranty, and what part(s) of the product are covered?

There are two types of warranties, full and limited, and you should know ahead of time what you are getting.

Keep in mind – a full warranty may not apply to the entire replacement window or door, only to certain components. Ask what product part(s) are excluded from the warranty.

How long is the warranty?

Lifetime warranties have gained in popularity however they can be confusing. Be sure to Replacement Window Warranty Madisondetermine if it is your lifetime, the lifetime of the product or the lifetime of the business. If it’s the lifetime of the product – ask how long the expected lifetime is, it may be shorter than you realize. If a company can’t answer this question – you may have trouble in the future with warranty claims.

Is it prorated?

Prorated warranty:  Over time the amount the manufacturer or company is required to pay towards repairs is reduced. For example, the manufacturer may cover 100% of the cost the first year, 90% of the cost the second year, and so on.

Non-prorated warranty: The total protection under warranty is continuous and does not decrease the manufacturer or company requirements over time. The coverage remains full for the specified warranty period.

Is it transferrable?

A fully transferable warranty is a positive selling point when you decide to sell your home. Many warranties are not transferable to the next homeowner.

Do you have requirements to keep the warranty valid?

Many companies require you to provide proof of maintenance, inspections or require all repairs be performed by a specified company to keep the warranty valid. If you fail to perform these tasks as outlined in your warranty, it may become void.  

We know purchasing replacement windows or doors is an investment you only want to make once.

Double Hung Window MadisonThat’s why AHT Wisconsin Windows has a full 50-year non-prorated warranty covering workmanship and products, and it’s fully transferable if you sell your home.  Ask your sales consultant to tell you more about our warranty at your in-home consultation.

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