Why You Should Avoid Replacement Window Companies That Use Subcontractors

Wisconsin homeowners are a pretty savvy bunch. Most know what questions to ask home improvement companies like “are you licensed”, and “do you have insurance”? But there is one thing homeowners do not always think of and that is why you should avoid replacement window companies that use subcontractors. Many replacement window companies use subcontractors. […]

PART 3: Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

In “Part 3: Choosing the right replacement window contractor” we discuss financing and finishing the job. When you’re shopping for a replacement window contractor, it’s a good idea to ask about terms of payment. If anybody wants 100% of the payment upfront, try and get down to the bottom of why (most reputable contractors do […]

Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

In Part 1: Choosing the right replacement window contractor, we discussed liability and workers’ compensation policies. In Part 2 we discuss hiring an “individual contractor” versus a company and interviewing prospective contractors. If you’re hiring an individual rather than a company to do your installation for you, that person doesn’t need to have workers’ compensation […]

PART 1: Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

What should you be considering as you choose a replacement window contractor? One of the big things to look for is somebody that has the proper insurance. Be aware that there are many contractors out there that don’t carry liability insurance, which covers the costs of anything they accidentally damage in your home. And accidents […]

The Replacement Window Installation Process

Do you feel a draft through your windows during the winter? Can you hear your noisy neighbors like they are in your room?  Are you sick of high energy bills?  These might be signs that it is time to invest in replacement windows for your home.  Most homeowners hope to only purchase replacement windows for […]

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Entry Door?

Entry doors have become the focal point of both modern and classic style homes.  Many people enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful front door, but there are also functional benefits that you should research before choosing the “cheap” stylish door to replace your home’s old and outdated front door.  AHT Wisconsin Windows installs Home […]

Facts about glazing replacement windows, glass thickness, and the amount of air space

If you have shopped for replacement windows in the past, then you know that there are more options than just how many panes of glass you can get.  Upgrading your windows can help with energy efficiency, noise reduction, UV-ray protection, and durability.  Some options to upgrade your replacement windows include Low-E Coating, Glass Thickness, and […]

Vinyl replacement windows versus composite replacement windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows Vinyl window frames are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers to keep sunlight from breaking down material as much as possible.  There are differences in the quality of one manufacturer’s vinyl compared to another,  This is because a vinyl window frame is made from a compound–a recipe […]

Replacement Windows – Read the Warranty!

One of the things to consider as you weigh the price of new windows is the warranty on a window and how long that warranty’s going last because that’s going to determine how far into the future your energy savings can be figured against your cost for the window.  I other words, if your window […]

Replacement Windows – Ease of operation, maintenance, security, sound, and other factors

Ease of operation and maintenance–particularly cleaning– is the second most frequent reason homeowners replace their windows.  Most newer windows either swing, slide or tilt in for easier cleaning, meaning you no longer have to go outside to wash the exterior surfaces–you can wash them from inside the house. Replacement windows available today are generally much […]