Why Wisconsin homeowners should invest in ENERGY STAR qualified replacement windows

As homeowners, we continue to invest in products and services that help us save money.  Whether it is energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, or electric cars, homeowners will research and invest in ways to save.  Here is why Wisconsin Homeowners should invest in Energy star qualified replacement windows.

  • MONEY! – We are all used to seeing stickers on appliances at stores or on light bulb packages boosting low energy costs. ENERGY STAR qualified windows to help homeowners lower their heat bills which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from homes and power plants!
  • Keep your home cozy and comfortable – Stay comfortable inside your home with windows that are virtually draft free and able to keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer.
  • Protect your home interior finishings and furniture – Low E coatings prevent furniture, carpets, window treatments, or photographs from fading.  
  • Performance you can trust – Homeowners can trust that Energy Star has certified and verified the ratings on the ENERGY STAR label.

By installing ENERGY STAR qualified replacement windows in your home, you can trust that your energy bills can decrease by an average of 12%.  In one year, a homeowner can save between $101-$583 on energy costs and 1,006-6,205 lbs of CO2 when replacing inefficient single pane windows.  Check out the Energy Star Website to learn more!