GET THE FACTS: Benefits of Gas Filled Windows

GET THE FACTS: Benefits of Gas-Filled Windows In this week’s GET THE FACTS series we’re going to talk about gas filled replacement windows. We’ll cover the benefits and common FAQ’s. BENEFITS OF GAS FILLED WINDOWS When you choose to replace your windows, you want to get as much return on your investment as possible. This […]

Can I Really Afford New Windows?

A friend of mine tells me about the joys of working from home. She goes on and on about the flexibility of setting her own hours and the ability to put her desk wherever she wants. In her case, she has her desk next to patio door giving her a great view of nature and […]

Choosing Between a Home Facelift or Home Remodel

Part of the responsibility of homeownership includes regular maintenance and these projects may involve a weekend of your own time, or they might require the assistance of a contractor. Giving your home a modest facelift can reduce the need for a remodel and save some money for a few years, but choosing whether to plan […]

Your Guide to Home Remodeling Financing Options

As you plan renovations for your home, one of the important topics that will come up for discussion is what type of home remodeling financing you will choose for your new windows or replacement doors. Some projects may require a home equity loan, and others may carry a price tag that requires just a few […]