Choosing Between a Home Facelift or Home Remodel

home faceliftPart of the responsibility of homeownership includes regular maintenance and these projects may involve a weekend of your own time, or they might require the assistance of a contractor. Giving your home a modest facelift can reduce the need for a remodel and save some money for a few years, but choosing whether to plan a minor upgrade or a major renovation can help you make the most of your budget.

Do you really need a completely new bathroom, or can you get by with a modest facelift for a few more years? Is it time to completely replace the windows in your home, or can you get by with some new weather stripping and a few cans of paint? The opportunity to realize excellent return-on-investment is a prime motivation for some homeowners, but finding budget-friendly options is a consideration, too.

Choosing a Home Facelift for Your Home Improvement Project

Undertaking a major remodeling project on your home can greatly increase the personal enjoyment you experience in living at your residence. However, making a few, targeted improvements can also prove beneficial when you don’t have enough money to take out a home equity loan, or you haven’t yet saved enough money for the project.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if it’s the right time to conduct an affordable home facelift, or whether you might want to spend the next several months saving money for an exciting home remodeling project.

1. Are any furnishings or appliances broken or past their date of expiration?

Do you have a nice toilet and shower that just happen to look a little dated, or are you dealing with a shower that’s been leaking under your home or a toilet that keeps needing new parts every few months? You might need to think about a bathroom remodel.

Similarly, are your windows in good shape but just in need of a little paint? You might have a weekend of painting ahead of you. However, if you’re experiencing drafty winters and high electricity bills, you might need to consider new windows.

2. Are you planning to sell your home in the next few years?

A newly remodeled kitchen is a huge draw for buyers, and a brand new exterior will lure home buyers quite effectively. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, going for the full remodel on projects like new windows, a new roof, and new doors (front door and garage door) can lead to a swift sale.

However, if you’re thinking about remaining in your home for many years, you may wish to choose the timing of your remodeling project at the time when it makes sense to do so for the age of your home’s components, as well as for your personal finances.

3. Can you finance your project or have you saved enough money?

Financing your home remodeling project with a home equity loan is a fairly standard method of paying for a major remodeling project. If you’re remodeling a kitchen, you might spend the equivalent of a brand new family sedan on the project, but the new space can add immense enjoyment to the homeownership experience.

If you’re adverse to debt, and you don’t wish to finance your project, you may want to start with a minor project this year and save up for a more in-depth remodel in the next year. Perhaps you can start with a new door this year and save up for brand new windows next season.

Choose a Combination Approach with Your Home Facelift & Remodel

The best plan for your home might include a project that features one remodeling project, as well as a facelift project. For example, you might work with AHT Wisconsin Windows on brand new windows for your home while also attending to the landscaping on your own time.

Imagine the beautiful change in your home with a set of brand new windows and a row of new bushes or shrubs to line the ground. You can even replace smaller items like the mailbox and the fixtures around the door. You might choose new door knocker to match the new door or some potted plants for the front porch.

Plan Your Next Home Remodel with AHT Wisconsin Windows

Is it time for a home facelift or exterior home remodeling project? Want information on the type of home remodeling project that will offer you the best return on investment? Contact AHT Wisconsin Windows today for a Free No Obligation Quote or call 1-866-367-6560. Interested in more information before you choose your contractor? Download our FREE hiring guide for Wisconsin-area residents.