Your Guide to Window Styles

Double Hung with Grid Window OshkoshAs you search for new windows for your home, you’ll notice that windows come in different shapes and even open differently, depending on the type. You may choose to replace your windows with identical new windows, or you may find that changing the type of windows will improve the overall appearance and functionality of your home.

According to Consumer Reports:

“… new windows can enhance the look of your home and make it less drafty and quieter, and they’re easier to clean and maintain than old windows with combination storm and screens.”

If you’re new to window replacement, here’s a quick guide on popular window styles.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are one of the most common types on homes today, and they move vertically while offering some impressive energy saving features. Many homeowners choose double hung windows because they’re easy to clean. When closed, the windows provide an air tight seal, but you can tilt the windows inward for easy cleaning.

Slider Windows

In slider windows, the windows hang side-by-side and move horizontally to open. Some homeowners prefer the look of slider windows to double hung windows, and slider windows from AHT equal the performance of double hung windows. Slider windows come in a variety of sizes, as well as many design options to match the architectural style of your home.

In-Swing Awning Windows

You’ll commonly see awning windows above the kitchen sink, and they’re designed to provide good ventilation. An awning window has a hinge at the top, and they open by swinging outward. The benefit of these windows is that they provide superior airflow on each side of the window, which means optimal ventilation in areas that may need extra cooling, like the kitchen.

Casement Windows

Homeowners choose casement windows for their excellent combination of security and air flow. When closed, a casement window will provide a strong defense against break-ins because of multi-point locking hardware. When the window is open, the casement window offers outstanding airflow. Cleaning is also very easy with these windows because they are available with a 90-degree hinge that allows them to swing wide open.

Bay and Bow Windows

The large windows you might see at the front of a home that project outward are called bay windows, and homeowners choose these windows because it increases the space in the room without the need for a traditional home addition. Bay windows are custom designed and fit for the opening in your home, and they feature many options including casement windows or double-hung windows.

Choosing a Window Style

Now that you’re educated on common window styles used in homes today, you’ll need to think about what style will suit your home best. You may choose to install windows that are identical to the windows you already have, or you may switch to a new style.

Here are some considerations that may impact your choice:

  • Energy-savings
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Appearance

It’s also important to consider getting a home energy audit before replacing your windows, so you can figure out where air transfer is occurring in your home and the best options you have for eliminating unintentional leaks. You may decide to upgrade your doors at the same time you upgrade your windows.

According to HGTV:

“Today’s energy-conscious consumers want to minimize the costs of heating and cooling their homes. Whether you’re building a new home or planning to replace existing windows, the key is to know which choices will give you the biggest bang for your buck without delivering a blow to your bottom line.”

Some reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your windows include:

  1. Your windows are old and crumbling.
  2. Your windows are single-pane glass.
  3. Your windows are unsafe.

If your windows are old and malfunctioning, they could present a security problem. Additionally, single-pane windows often make it more difficult to effectively heat and cool your home. Upgrading to double-pane glass could help you save money on utility bills. Your contractor can help you clarify which window style might best suit your home.

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