Wisconsin’s Four Seasons in One Month


It won’t snow in June. We promise. Sure, we’re not meteorologists but we can guarantee it won’t snow in Green Bay, Madison, Oshkosh or anywhere else we serve our customers. But the start of summer can coincide with the feeling of other seasons as well.

While southern states are getting hotter, northern states like Wisconsin have the potential for two extremes. Lucky us, right? Consider the record low in Green Bay in June is 32°. Now consider the record high in Green Bay in June is 101°. That’s a difference of nearly 70 degrees!

Even if that kind of dramatic change in temperature doesn’t occur this summer, we still handle a relatively large rise and fall in temperature in the summer months. Cool mornings followed by warm afternoons can increase temps by 30° or more some days. That puts an additional responsibility on your windows to handle the change throughout the day.

Thanks to the Composite Windows installed by AHT Wisconsin Windows, our customers in Wisconsin are able to reduce heating and cooling costs in all four seasons. The energy efficiency of these top-notch but affordable replacement windows means cool air is not slipping out during warm hours and warm air is not slipping out during cooler periods. That’s especially good when our threat of temperatures falling into the 30s or 40s overnight is a real possibility all summer long.



If you’re thinking you’re not ready for replacement windows, consider the age of your current windows and the rising costs to cool and heat your home lately. Poor energy efficiency in your windows could be responsible for 30% of your heating and cooling costs right now. That’s money out the window, literally and figuratively. It makes sense to call AHT Wisconsin Windows for a free estimate. You’ll discover how much easier and affordable it is than you realize.