Wisconsin Window Horror Stories


AHT Wisconsin Windows has been expertly installing replacement windows in Wisconsin for years, and we’ve encountered more than a few homeowners who shared stories about past experiences with other contractors. While there are reputable companies ready to handle replacement windows needs in the region, we want to spend some time focusing on the less favorable experiences. But rather than telling you what we’ve heard, we want to hear from you.

Home Window ReplacementTo help you get started, we have created a few topics to guide your thoughts. Hopefully, these topics will jog your memory about your particular experience. As you prepare to share your own window horror story keep in mind, you don’t need to name names. Whether the company is still active or out of business, we don’t need to give them any publicity in this forum. We’re more focused on the actual problem.

Customer Service
What mistakes did your past windows contractor make in this area? Perhaps it was a delay in responding to you. Or maybe you felt insulted during the process. Was the problem possibly connected to a lack of training? See if you can come up with at least one epic fail for customer service.


Custom Replacement Window Installation

The custom windows didn’t fit, maybe the first response of some people here. Installation done poorly can be extremely frustrating, especially if it prompts a return of the installation crew and affects the comfort of your home. What installation disaster story do you tell friends?

Project Costs
You received an estimate or were assured the costs wouldn’t go above a certain level then got surprised by the final total. Or the work involved a lot more time than the contractor realized at the onset. Either way, having to pay more than you were prepared to may be the biggest issue of the three areas mentioned here.

We invite you to post your comments here on the AHT Wisconsin Windows blog page. Please keep them respectful and non-offensive. You may find it helps to tell your story with humor rather than making it a rant. After all, the experience is behind you and sharing it here can be a learning experience for someone else.