Winter Weather Saves Wisconsin

If you weren’t paying close attention to your bank account, you might have missed the fact that you spent less on heating bills during the winter that wrapped recently. Perhaps the “extra” cash got spent on much-needed items along the way or you saved it for a Spring Break getaway. Either way, the second-warmest winter was a welcome experience that closed out with the warmest March on record.


So winter temperatures, along with the lower price for natural gas, saved Wisconsin. What’s going to save us next? Weather is out of our control, of course, and even though top-notch forecasters attempt to predict what will happen in the next 7 days, a great margin of error often exists between what we expect and what we get. So the answer is turning out attention to the part of our environment that is within our control.


Your home environment should be a top priority in both function and comfort. After all, you spend a great deal of time there every day. You may also be spending a great deal of money if your environment lacks control. It’s not necessarily the clutter problem that’s the biggest issue. It could be the inefficient windows and doors your home contains.


Losing warm air during the heating season and cool air during the summer can be a costly situation. It’s not hard to rectify that situation though. Unlike some major home improvement projects, installing replacement windows and doors can be a quick process that doesn’t disrupt life at home for numerous days.


As far as the expense is concerned, the cost of replacement windows and doors should be seen as an investment in your home. Energy savings is a primary benefit, but newer windows can also enhance the beauty and improve the market value of a home. So comfort, curb appeal and cash savings become the end result.


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