Why you should avoid popular name brand windows

At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we only install Starmark Evo windows instead of windows manufactured by the biggest window manufacturers in the US for several reasons:

  • Cost: Big name brand windows are often perceived as expensive compared to other window brands. Some consumers may prefer more budget-friendly options.energy efficient replacement windows
  • Installation Issues: Some customers have reported difficulties with the installation of popular window brands, which can result in additional costs and hassles.
  • Warranty Concerns: There have been instances where customers have faced challenges with big name brand window company warranty policies, including disputes over coverage and claims.
  • Availability and Lead Times: Depending on your location and the specific product, name brand windows may not be readily available, or there could be long lead times for delivery, which can be inconvenient for Wisconsin homeowners in need of quick replacements or renovations.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Name brand windows may require more maintenance compared to other window brands, particularly if they are made of wood. This can include regular painting and sealing to prevent damage from the elements.
  • Limited Style and Material Options: Some consumers may find that name brand window manufacturers offers a more limited range of styles and materials compared to other window manufacturers, limiting their design choices.
  • Alternative Brands: Many consumers choose alternative window brands that they believe offer better value for money, better warranties, or a wider range of customization options.

It’s important to make an informed decision when purchasing replacement windows for your Wisconsin home. Research various brands, read customer reviews, and consider your specific needs and budget before making a choice. Additionally, getting quotes from multiple window suppliers and installers can help you make a more informed decision based on your unique requirements.

We believe in choosing a Wisconsin replacement window company that you can trust before  choosing a company based on the brand of window that they install. We only install Starmark Evo windows because we believe that they are the BEST windows to stand up to Wisconsin’s changing weather conditions.  To learn more, call 888-874-9339.