Why Menasha, WI homeowners should avoid vinyl windows

Replacement vinyl windows are a common windows found in Menasha, WI homes.  But did you know that vinyl windows are not the most energy-efficient and durable windows to stand up to the ever-changing Wisconsin weather conditions?  So why do some homes in Menasha and the rest of the Fox Valley have vinyl windows?

Homeowners who choose vinyl windows do so because they are the “cheap” option.  As you know, cheap is not always better. At AHT, our window experts have been installing composite replacement windows throughout Menasha and the rest of the Fox Valley for over 50 years and here are the reasons why we install composite windows over vinyl windows:

  1. Lifespan – Vinyl windows are not as durable as solid core composite windows.  What many homeowners are unaware of is that the average lifespan of a vinyl window is around 15-20 years.  Our solid core composite frame window has a lifespan of 50+ years.
  2. Warping – Extreme temperature changes that we experience in Menasha, WI can cause warping to a vinyl window frame, which can weaken the surrounding seals and could make your windows difficult to lock.  Weak seals also mean higher energy bills during the freezing days in the winter and the hot and humid days in the summer.  
  3. Vinyl windows won’t reduce your energy bills as much as you think. – Vinyl windows can have foam fillings, but this does not improve overall performance.  I hollow space, while making the frame weaker, maintains a similar efficiency. Expansion and contraction of vinyl frames creates gaps which allows cold air in and increases heat loss.   “Affordable” vinyl windows have hollow cores which can be drafty and noisy, costing you a lot of extra money over time. 

Menasha, WI homeowners take pride in their homes, so it is essential to understand why vinyl windows might not be the best choice for replacement windows.  If you need to replace the windows in your home, visit ahtwindows.com for more information on the only triple-pane, solid core, composite frame windows.