Understanding Air Infiltration Ratings

When deciding on the best replacement window for your home you probably are looking to make sure it has the Energy Star label and comparing the NFRC Energy Performance Ratings, which is exactly what a savvy consumer should do! If you are looking for replacement windows it’s because yours are experiencing problems and you want to make

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sure you select the right company and product. With all the information out there it can be hard to distinguish what is the most important. Air infiltration, or air leakage, is commonly overlooked – but it shouldn’t be! Understanding this rating and using it to help select the best replacement window for you and your home is important.

We’ll cover what air infiltration is, how it’s measured and why it’s important when selecting your replacement window.

Air Infiltration / Air Leakage Overview

One common misconception is that when you purchase new replacement windows they will create a vacuum and not allow any air to pass through them. A window is made of many parts and all windows allow air to infiltrate, or leak into your home.

How It’s Measured

Air infiltration measures how much air a product will allow to enter a room. It is measured by how many cubic feet of air can pass through a window in a specific time frame divided by the total window area.

When looking at air leakage you should see ratings between 0.1 – 0.3. You are looking for the lowest number possible since that allows the least amount of air infiltration. A lower number means less air can pass through and fewer drafts.

What To Look For

  • When comparing replacement windows and air infiltration ratings it’s importantenergy efficient replacement windows appleton wisconsin to compare the same size windows. Since the total area of the window is part of the calculation you could see different ratings for larger or smaller windows.  
  • To be meet the minimum Energy Star rating the replacement window must below 0.3 however if you are looking to save money and increase energy efficiency look for ratings closer to 0.1.
  • Have caution if a replacement window company wants to focus on only one of the NFRC Performance Ratings. This could mean they are lacking in other areas. A superior product will exceed standards in all areas.  

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