The Replacement Window Installation Process

Do you feel a draft through your windows during the winter? Can you hear your noisy neighbors like they are in your room?  Are you sick of high energy bills?  These might be signs that it is time to invest in replacement windows for your home.  Most homeowners hope to only purchase replacement windows for their home once or twice so the window installation process can seem daunting. replacement window installation

Typically the replacement window installation process begins after a homeowner has chosen the proper style, color, and operation of their solid core composite, triple pane windows.    Our project manager has already visited the home to make sure we have the proper materials and specialized tools to complete the replacement window installation on the scheduled day.  This way we invest all our time in completing the installation of the replacement windows, instead of running around town for items needed to complete the work.  

On the day a homeowner is scheduled for their replacement window installation, our crews typically arrive between 7:30am and 8:00am in the morning.  The installation crew will measure each opening again and its corresponding window to ensure the proper fit prior to removing any of the old windows.  As the removal begins, they pay close attention to the condition of the opening.  If there is any damage, such as mold, rot, or deterioration of the wood, they will replace this wood as needed before installing the replacement window.  The replacement window project cost does not go up for this additional work.  At AHT, we provide a 50-year Workmanship Warranty, installing replacement windows in a damaged opening will not last that long.  Once the Replacement Window in square and plumb, it is fastened with rustproof screws and insulated with a high density, low expansion insulation.  This process is just as important for energy savings as the replacement window chosen.  Many homeowners experience problems with other contractors not insulating properly during replacement window installation and find cold coming around the replacement windows in addition to through them.replacement windows

The final steps of the Replacement Window installation process include custom bending of metal coil, which provides a beautiful low maintenance exterior finish.  Silicone, not caulk is used to seal seams.  Windows are cleaned inside and out, and homeowners sign off on satisfaction before the crew departs.  Many homeowners are surprised our replacement window installation typically takes only a day.

.AHT Wisconsin Windows has been installing secure, beautiful, and energy-efficient replacement windows proudly made in the USA throughout Northeast Wisconsin since 1967.  Our energy-efficient and durable windows and doors provide homeowners the highest quality products and services to help homeowners enjoy lower energy bills and increase home security.  Our team services the following cities and their surrounding areas: Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville, Oshkosh, and Fond Du Lac.