Staying Cool despite a Steamy Time in Wisconsin

“Is it hot enough for you?”

It’s likely you heard someone ask that question at least once in June. After the warmest spring on record in Green Bay, that city and other locales in the state have been dealing with plenty of heat this month. Finding ways to stay cool, if only briefly, has been a goal for most of us. You probably have been doing some or all of the following.

Dressing lighter.
Drinking cool beverages.
Indulging in frozen treats.
Swimming in the pool.
Taking a cold shower.
Eating an ice cube.
Fanning yourself.

Wait, that last one doesn’t belong on that list. Grumbling about the heat doesn’t usually cool you off. Well, it depends on what you’re grumbling about and if anyone is listening.

If you’re protesting the lack of energy efficient windows in your home, that’s a worthwhile complaint to make. If you’re complaining about the excessive use of A/C in your home because of your aging doors, that’s another good issue to address. But the question is, what are you willing to do about it? You need energy efficient windows in your home.

Wisconsin replacement windows can remedy some of the issues with trying to stay cool this summer. While you can’t take them with you, they will serve a great purpose at home. They’ll help you keep you keep your cool, both your home’s comfortable climate and your own temper.


staying cool in summer

Losing your cool during summer in Wisconsin can get ugly.


Now to stay cool with Wisconsin replacement windows, you simply need to call an expert who serves your area. Perhaps you’re in Clintonville, Madison or Appleton. Maybe you have a home in Wausau, Neenah or Oshkosh. Of course, you may be a native of Green Bay instead. Every one of these locations is served by AHT Wisconsin Windows.

Put the experience and expertise of AHT to work for you with a phone call to 877-578-0495 if you live in or near Appleton, Green Bay or Neenah. We’ll start with a no-obligation estimate. Once the project is underway, we’ll have your new windows installed quickly and let you take care of other important business, like freezing your bracelets for a quick cool down.