Searching for Wisconsin Replacement Windows

Type in “Wisconsin Replacement Windows” in a Google search and see what happens. You’re likely to get more than 6,000 results. Of course, you really have time to click on only 2-3 links at most, right? So let’s narrow that search a bit. Adding the word “insured” reduces the results for us to roughly 4,000. That’s still a ridiculously high number to review.

The search engine approach is not much different than using the Yellow Pages years ago, or even today, if you’re someone who still relies on that, means of information gathering. You can find lots of options for a contractor by casting a wide net, so to speak. But it doesn’t necessarily lead you to the best of the bunch.

Let’s think in terms of grammar for a moment. The nouns may all be the same, contractors or replacement windows, but it’s the adjectives that are important. How a contractor’s qualifications are described should be an essential part of a homeowner’s decision-making process.

At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we have three words to apply to our company that set us apart from a great many other home improvement contractors: licensed, certified, insured. What these words mean collectively is that we guarantee everything we do and we offer significant protections to each and every homeowner. Those include a manufacturer’s warranty remaining in effect and homeowners avoiding liability in the event of an accident involving our crew on the job.


So whether you’re looking for “Wisconsin replacement windows” or “replacement windows and doors in Wisconsin”, keep the online search narrowly focused on licensed, certified and insured contractors. Look for those keywords on a contractor’s page, especially under Company information. If you don’t see them, even on the site of a company recommended to you by someone you know, be sure to ask them where they stand in those areas.