Replacement Windows | Seal failure on a replacement window

One sign that your windows are damaged, defective, incorrectly installed, or in need of a replacement is when you notice seal failure.  What is a window seal?  A window seal is an insulated area between the panes of glass on a double or triple pane window.  The glass is separated by a spacer, usually made of aluminum.  The seal of this separation must to be air-tight to hold insulating gases in between the panes of glass while keeping the exterior moisture out.  Seals most commonly fail from exterior impacts or the natural hardening of the seal material.  If the seal is hard, it does not move appropriately with the glass panes in the wind or changes of weather.  This creates cracks in the seal, the insulating gas escapes the replacement window and the hot or cold exterior air enters between the panes causing moisture to form between the glass panes.  Fogging or clouding of the glass is a sure sign your seal is broken.

Does a replacement window warranty cover seal failure?

Responsible Wisconsin replacement window companies will have warranties that cover window seal failure.  If you are currently shopping for a replacement window company to replace the windows in your home, ask them if their warranty includes seal failure and for how long, because if it does not and your window seal fails, then you might end up replacing the entire window again.


If you believe that you have windows with seal failure, check your replacement window warranty to see if a replacement is covered before calling a replacement window company to replace the window.  If you are in need of new replacement windows, call AHT Wisconsin Windows for a free in-home estimate for triple-pane, solid core, composite frame replacement windows with a replacement window warranty that covers seal failure.  AHT Wisconsin Windows serves Appleton, Madison, Green Bay, and their surrounding areas, call 888-874-9339 for a quote.