Replacement Windows – Read the Warranty!

One of the things to consider as you weigh the price of new windows is the warranty on a window and how long that warranty’s going last because that’s going to determine how far into the future your energy savings can be figured against your cost for the window.  I other words, if your window has a 10-year warranty and, after 20 years, you have to buy another window because something’s gone wrong with the one you installed, now you’re out more money and your costs will outrun your savings. If you put a high-quality window in that has a good warranty of, say, 50 years, even if it’s more expensive at the outset, it will save you money and bother in the long run.  Well-made modern windows will pay for themselves in energy savings alone, especially in climates in extreme as Wisconsin’s.madison window company

Added to that is the convenience of having windows that work properly and are, typically, easier to clean than old-fashioned ones, in addition to being more durable.  The ability to clean your tilt-in windows from inside the home is a great advantage.

About our warranty……

AHT Wisconsin Windows wants you to have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to your windows and doors. We believe our Composite replacement window systems and entry doors are the best there is, with superior quality and performance.  

That’s why we can confidently offer our customers a full 50-year warranty for our windows and doors.

The warranty is not pro-rated and is fully transferable if you sell your home. We simply want you to know that, if you ever have a problem with replacement windows or doors installed by AHT Wisconsin Windows, we’ll be there to take care of it.

That’s the kind of warranty our customers deserve.madison window company

Exclusive 50-Year Workmanship Warranty

AHT Wisconsin Windows offers a 50-year workmanship warranty that covers labor. Because AHT employees do the work, we stand behind it.  We provide full coverage on the labor where other companies do not.  

10-Year Glass Breakage Warranty

We know that our windows are the highest quality replacement windows in Wisconsin but glass can break.  We offer a 10-year glass breakage warranty, for any reason, because we understand accidents happen.  At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are covered.   

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