Replacement Windows | Help! Why is there condensation on my windows?

One of the most common questions we get before replacing windows is that the homeowner is noticing condensation on their windows.  This leads us to answer the real questions “what is condensation?” and “what causes condensation?”.

What is condensation & what causes it?

Condensation is a natural occurrence caused by excess humidity or water vapor coming in contact with a cooler surface causing it to form into visible drops of water. Condensation can happen on a surface that is only 1 degree lower that the air temperature if the humidity in the room is high enough.  AHT Wisconsin Windows installs Starmark Evo Windows that have warm edge spacer technology, inert gas fillings, and advanced glass coatings.  These built-in features help to keep the glass as warm as possible to reduce the possibility of condensation.   

Sometimes, new windows can create condensation that did not happen before.  New windows that are custom fit to your home are be more airtight than the previous in-efficient windows causing less air (drafts) to enter your home.  This increases the interior humidity in the air because it no longer mixes with the dry winter air brought in by the drafts.  

The way to reduce condensation on your replacement windows is to control the humidity level in your home (the recommended humidity level for a home is between 30-45%) and to have replacement windows with the warmest inside glass temperature you can find.  Here are some things you can do to help reduce the condensation:

  • Make sure to use the vent fans when showering or cooking(fans should be run for 15 minutes after a shower or cooking is completed)
  • Use dehumidifiers
  • Some heating systems have humidifiers attached to them.  Make sure this is at the proper setting to maintain the proper humidity in the air.
  • Reduce the number of house plants or aquariums you may have in your home(plants release water as part of photosynthesis, and aquarium water evaporates into the air)

The AHT Wisconsin Windows team would love to discuss more details about high-performance energy-efficient replacement windows with you.  We offer free In-Home estimates to give you plenty of time to ask all the questions you might have.  If you are in Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville, or their surrounding areas, call 888-874-9339 to schedule your estimate for energy-efficient replacement windows.