Replacement Windows – Ease of operation, maintenance, security, sound, and other factors

Ease of operation and maintenance–particularly cleaning– is the second most frequent reason homeowners replace their windows.  Most newer windows either swing, slide or tilt in for easier cleaning, meaning you no longer have to go outside to wash the exterior surfaces–you can wash them from inside the house. madison window companies

Replacement windows available today are generally much easier and safer to maintain and operate than older windows.  Simply opening and closing some older windows can be difficult or even impossible, due to swelling, painting, damaged or inoperable balance systems, worn-out hardware, faulty locks, missing handles, and countless other problems.

Such operational problems can be extremely annoying and even dangerous.  For example, if you can’t open your windows, let’s hope you never have a fire in your house.  If you’re propping a window open with a stick, a book, or some other object, let’s hope a child (or anyone else) doesn’t knock it out, causing the window to slam shut on their fingers.

Many older windows don’t have locks, and even if they do, they may not work very well.  This can pose major security concerns as well as safety issues. Windows today come with a variety of locking mechanisms, and additional security hardware can be added as needed–in homes where small children live or visit frequently, for example, or homes in higher-crime neighborhoods.

Another reason homeowners replace old windows is excessive street or neighborhood noise.  Not only do triple-glazed windows cut down on conduction, but they also reduce sound transmission and can help curtail unwanted noise much better than double-glazed windows do.

We know that replacement windows can be a big investment which is why it takes time to find the right replacement window company.  If you’re in the AppletonGreen BayClintonvilleMadison, or Brookfield areas, call 888-874-9339 for a free quote.