Replacement Windows – Air Infiltration

One complaint we hear from homeowners about their current windows is that they can feel air coming through their windows.  What is happening is that air passes from outside to inside the home through gaps and cracks in the window frames and/or sashes.  This is known as air infiltration, which is usually due to:madison window companies

  1. Windows that are not properly installed
  2. Sloppy framing, caulking, or weather-stripping around the frame
  3. Faulty sealing of the glass to the window frame or sash
  4. Shrinkage of framing materials due to aging and weather conditions, particularly in vinyl and wood windows
  5. The sun cracking and drying out glazing material (the putty holding the glass in the window)
  6. Broken or cracked glass

Higher energy costs, increased noise from outside, rattling, and difficulty opening and closing the windows can all result from poor window sealing.  Plus, it can just look bad! Dirty or cracked caulking, shoddy carpentry, mold, mildew, rotted wood or the addition of plastic or tape can certainly detract from a home’s appearance. That is why it might be time for replacement windows.

If you are in the Appleton, Green Bay, Clintonville, Madison, or Brookfield areas and you notice air infiltration around your old windows, call 888-874-9339 for a free quote for replacement windows.