Ready for a Warmer Month, Wisconsin?

You don’t need a news bulletin to realize that March was warmer than April in Wisconsin. It’s likely you fondly recalled those record-breaking days of warmth last month while you’ve tolerated the return of freezing and near-freezing temperatures this month. But luckily, April is coming to an end and a warmer month follows, yet that doesn’t bring an end to the need to remain energy-conscious.


As the first week of May arrives, temperatures will climb back into the 70s again and Spring will live up to its name finally. The season is a terrific time to evaluate your home’s windows and doors and make replacement choices, if necessary. If you noticed April’s chilly weather drove up energy bills, see if you can trace the problem back to ineffective windows and doors. If you’re unsure about how to identify a problem window, consider what you noticed during cold weather that could be a sign, such as curtains billowing or blowing, and glass fogging up, icing over or rattling in the wind.


A cold season issue can turn into a warm weather issue for windows and doors that aren’t providing a proper seal and adequate energy-efficiency. So the amount of money spent on heating your Wisconsin home in April could be matched or exceeded by the amount spent cooling your home this summer. Even if you don’t have central air conditioning in your home, energy costs can be significantly higher than expected. Windows and doors that fail to keep summer heat out cause appliances, such as a refrigerator, to run longer to keep its interior temperature stable.


The solution for homes with single-pane windows and homes 10 years or older is replacement windows. AHT Wisconsin Windows will evaluate your current windows and provide a free estimate. If entry and patio doors are contributing to the problem, we can examine them too. Just give us a call at 877-578-0495 to schedule your free estimate, and ask us about a no interest payment plan for 18 months.