Patio Doors for Every Season

Patio Doors for Every SeasonPatio doors offer easy access to your backyard, and they’re also an excellent way to increase the light that streams into your home during the winter.

Built in a variety of styles, some patio doors slide open, and others swing open. The space in your home and the size of your patio are just a few of the factors that can influence what type of patio door might serve your family the best.

Here are some helpful tips on choosing patio doors for your home.

Make Your Home Efficient With the Right Glass

One of the hallmarks of patio doors is that they’re often double doors with a lot of windows. This style helps connect the interior of your home to your backyard and the deck, but too much glass can prove difficult when temperatures dip to well below freezing.

Is it possible to have a set of patio doors in a place where it snows and freezes each year?

In fact, there are a variety of features in today’s glass panels and patio doors that help with your home’s efficiency and your ability to keep your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Choosing “Low-E” glass for your doors helps with efficiency, and it even reduces the UV rays that stream through the windows and fade your furniture and décor.

Patio Doors That Span Entire Walls

In the past few years, patio doors that span entire walls have become popular. These doors often have several panels and can slide away from one another to create an incredible view and open area from the house to the backyard or patio.

Not only do you get an amazing view during the winter months, but you can enjoy good weather during the summer when you invite friends over for a party that spills out into the backyard. These expansive doors won’t always fit every architectural style, but they’re definitely something to consider if you’re interested in a creative and notable update for your home.

Different Styles & Materials for Patio Doors

As with many features in your home, you have a variety of choices for the look of your patio doors. You might choose traditional wood doors, or you might think about fiberglass doors, which can look like virtually any texture.

The style of your patio doors can also be any one of several including French doors, sliding doors, and simple, single doors. Patio doors that swing open to create a large opening are usually called “French doors.” According to Home Tips:

“Sometimes a patio door is called a French door. The term “French door” usually refers to a pair of glazed patio doors that hinge at opposite sides and meet in the middle; when you open them both, they create a large entryway.”

It’s fine to stick with a familiar style if you’re replacing an old patio door, but you may benefit from asking your contractor about the different options available for your patio doors. For example, you’ll learn about how some doors have a single, large pane of glass with small wooden inserts that give the illusion of small p while other doors actually do have separate, small panes of glass throughout the door.

Changing the Door Size of Your Patio Doors

One of the best ways to change the look and feel of your home is to make changes to the sizes of your windows and doors. A small door that leads into the backyard can be replaced with a beautiful set of double French doors along with a brand new patio or other outdoor improvements.

However, changing the size of your patio doors usually requires assistance from a contractor since you might be looking at restrictions based on where the load-bearing walls and support beams are located in your home.

You’ve probably seen home improvement shows where people take a sledgehammer to their wall and throw in a new window, but those shows feature professionals who have already inspected the area to ensure a change to the patio door size won’t impact the structural integrity of the home.

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