PART 1: Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

What should you be considering as you choose a replacement window contractor? One of the big things to look for is somebody that has the proper insurance. Be aware that there are many contractors out there that don’t carry liability insurance, which covers the costs of anything they accidentally damage in your home. And accidents do happen; every now and then, a ladder could slip and go through the window. Usually, homeowners have liability insurance, although not all of them do. Even if you do have liability insurance, you might not be covered for a paid contractor getting hurt while working on your home.replacement window contractor

In addition to liability insurance, the people working for your contractor have to be covered by workers’ compensation. Whether your replacement window contractor is insuring his workers to the extent that the law requires in Wisconsin can be an issue for you as the homeowner in the event that one of those workers is injured on the job. If you’ve got people working on your house who don’t have workers’ compensation insurance, and someone falls off a ladder and winds up with a lot of medical bills, that could be put on you as the homeowner because the other guy doesn’t have the insurance. When people get hurt, they look for whoever can pay for it.

In our case (AHT Wisconsin Windows), if one of our workers were to fall off a ladder, our workers’ compensation takes care of them, pays the medical bills, pays them for not being able to work–all those costs are covered. Not all contractors are similarly conscientious in this area, and it’s something that can potentially create significant problems for you as the homeowner. The risk should be the contractors and not on the homeowner. You should make sure that anyone you’re considering as a contractor does have, at the very least, liability and workers’ compensation policies.

Check our “PART 2: Choosing the right replacement window contractor” to learn more!  AHT Wisconsin Windows has been installing replacement windows for over 50 years and has never used subcontractors, ensuring we have both liability and workers’ compensation policies. If you are looking to install replacement windows in these cities or the surrounding areas, visit for a free in-home estimate: Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Clintonville, Madison, and Sun Prairie.