Our Super Team Gets Sundays Off

The two “best” teams in the NFL meet a few hundred miles away in Indy this weekend. Whether you’re rooting for Tom Brady and his Patriots or you favor Eli Manning and the Giants, it promises to be an action-packed evening of football. (If you’re reading this after February 5th, wasn’t that an incredible game/real snoozefest?) But we know an even more impressive team that satisfies every time and gets Sundays off. That’s the crew at AHT Wisconsin Windows!

During the week, Wisconsin’s best is taking care of our neighbors and our communities by installing quality windows, doors and gutters, and making homes more energy efficient and attractive. It’s more than a full-time job for us. It’s our life’s calling, professionally speaking. But when the time for work is over, our team member’s other interests come to life.

Those after-hours activities are just as colorful and dynamic as our day jobs. Fishing, hunting and boating pretty much sum up the primary passions of our sales staff. Yes, they love adventure, even the kind that comes with 18 holes.

We’ve got our share of people who love to cook, travel and escape to their cabins. You might even meet an AHT Wisconsin Windows employee who loves to restore old cars. If you meet one who mentions his love of billiards, don’t challenge him to a match.

Of course, we wouldn’t be the team we are without giving credit to Rolland Young, Sr., the man who set it all in motion back in 1967. That’s the same year as the first Super Bowl when the Packers stomped the Chiefs 35-10. While they were starting to create a lasting legacy on the field, we were creating one at homes around Wisconsin. And we’ll continue to do so week in and week out, even if we’ll be at home on Sunday just like the NFL’s actual best team.