Never Too Early to Think About Summer


On a day when high temperatures didn’t climb much above freezing in Wisconsin, summer tourism was on the mind of some people. Seriously. The Wisconsin Department of Tourism used a bone-chilling day to introduce two of three TV spots in its summer ad campaign. When the commercials begin airing in May, you might recognize one very familiar face: Green Bay native and actor Tony Shalhoub, best known as TV detective Monk.


You’re probably not ready to envision the warmer months in Wisconsin. The truth is, we have plenty of winter left as the first full week of March gets underway. But when you’re making important home improvement decisions in the coldest season, it’s helpful to keep in mind how those decisions will affect you all year long.


The heating loss generated by your current windows becomes a cooling loss when summer arrives and you’re running the air conditioning daily. Your aging entry door, which you may attempt to winterize to reduce drafts, gets neglected during the summer months, allowing cool air to escape unnoticed while forcing the A/C to run longer simply to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Replacement windows aren’t all created equal. As the exclusive supplier of Compozit Windows in our area, AHT Wisconsin Windows knows the value of choosing a replacement window that comes equipped with numerous benefits. The improved home security and visual appeal of these windows also provide a low maintenance product that eliminates 99.5% of ultra-violet damage.


If your home has a patio door, it most likely sees a lot more action during those warm summer months. If it’s not operating properly or doesn’t have a weather-tight seal, you could be losing cool air in June, July and August, and not just when the kids forget to close it on their way in and out. AHT Wisconsin Windows provides the Compozit patio door that’s a perfect visual complement to your home as well as a durable item that can withstand those hundreds of openings and closings that will occur in a given summer.


It’s never to early to think about summer while selecting products that are made for all four seasons in Wisconsin. Give AHT Wisconsin Windows a call at 877-578-0495 to discuss your replacement windows and replacement door needs now, even if the weather outside is frightful on occasion.