Is your high-efficiency replacement window “sweating” on warm summer mornings?

During the winter months, many people become concerned with window condensation, “Sweating” and the implications it will have for their homes. high efficiency replacement windowWhen it comes to the winter window “sweating,” there are many things that we can do to fix the problem. However, there is another scenario in which people can experience window “sweating,” and it is sweating that occurs during the summer months.

With the introduction of stronger window frames, like composite windowstriple pane glass, low-e, and inert gases can be used which increases window efficiency.  Condensation on the outside of a window, also known as “Summer Sweats” is becoming increasingly common. The majority of people who experience condensation on their new windows may be inclined to think that the replacement windows are defective or not installed correctly. If this is happening to you, don’t panic! We are here to assure you that window sweating in the summer is quite normal on high-efficiency windows and may even be an indicator that your new energy efficient windows are doing a great job. Exterior glass condensation on composite windows during the summer months is an indication that high humidity levels outside are meeting the window glass which is maintaining a temperature below the dew point. In other words, your new high-efficiency composite replacement windows are performing as they were designed to. The high efficient glass is keeping the temperature of the windows and your home cool and preventing the heat from conducting inside.  This helps to lower your energy bills when running your air conditioning.

green bay house with new windowsIt is hard to prevent this condensation since we can not control the weather.  Outside condensation does not have a damaging effect and generally clears up when the sun comes out.  It is a small price to pay for all the money homeowners save by installing high-efficiency composite windows. 

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