Increasing Home Security With Your Front Door

Front door security appletonIs your old front door cracked and drafty? Could a strong shove break it’s panels?

You might be in need of a completely new door, which can improve the security of your home, as well as its appearance and curb appeal. As you look for your new door, consider the following to help you make the best decision for looks, security, and functionality.

Do You Need a Metal Door?

When you think of security doors, you probably imagine a large, gray expanse without a window, and that looks like something that might protect an industrial facility. However, door designers are well aware that homeowners (usually) don’t want their home to look like a factory or manufacturing plant.

If you choose a metal door for security reasons, it will probably be made of steel, and it will actually boost the security of your home a fair amount over wooden-core doors. An article from a contributor on Angie’s List explains.

“A steel entry door offers a significant security improvement over hollow or wooden-core doors since it can’t be kicked in and is extremely hard to bend, even using tools.”

However, if you’re not ready to upgrade to a steel security door, the right wooden door can still provide your home with good security.

Upgrading Security is Simple With a New Door

The good news about getting a secure door is that your home doesn’t have to look like Fort Knox to offer impressive security. One of the features that many homeowners forget about is the lock on the front door.

It’s probably not something you think about that often unless you’re about to go to sleep, and you’re trying to remember if you locked the front door. However, according to a home security blog, a secure door can reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

“Burglars collect information about the neighborhood prior to the break-in, as part of their attempt to spot the most convenient target. A front door looking well secured will have two effects: it will prevent a burglar from easily entering your home, and it will likely discourage him from even trying.”

Consider upgrading the locks on your front door whether you’re investing in a door with special security features or whether you’re getting a simple replacement door.

Upgrade the locks on all the exterior doors if you choose to upgrade the locks on your front door.

Easy Ways to Boost Home Security at Your Door

You don’t need a state-of-the-art security system worthy of a Tom Cruise “Mission front door security protect home OshkoshImpossible” movie, and you might be surprised how straightforward and simple some of the security upgrades are when it comes to doors.

A blog on Apartment Therapy offers some simple strategies for making your front door “burglar proof.”

  1. Improve the deadbolt strike plate
  2. Reinforce the door jamb
  3. Upgrade your door to solid wood or metal
  4. Secure exposed hinges
  5. Add lighting and cameras

If your upgraded door is part of a larger renovation project, you can apply these strategies to every exterior door you upgrade or change in your home.

And regarding those upgraded doors:

“Hollow core doors should only be used for interior spaces, not for exterior entries. Solid wood doors are a bit more expensive but infinitely stronger than hollow core models (some which are simply cardboard within).”

Choosing an Entry Door

Your entry door influences the overall appearance of your home, and you have a variety of options that will influence the cost, efficiency, and security level of your door. Consumer Reports is a great place to start when starting your search for a new, secure door.

Consider hanging a life-size paper printout of your new door on your home to judge whether you like the look or want to go with something different.

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