Home Windows for Homeowners in Green Bay, WI

Home Windows Green Bay WIWhen residents of Green Bay need home windows, they waste no time in calling AHT Wisconsin Windows. At AHT, we have been serving folks right here in Wisconsin since 1967 and have more experience in dealing with the needs of local homeowners than virtually any other home improvement company serving the region. When it comes to installing windows, we know that a standard window simply won’t do in our climate. From bitterly cold winter nights to scorching hot summer days, the weather we experience throughout the year can wreak havoc on ordinary windows. That’s why we only install windows that are made for the weather conditions we experience here in Wisconsin.

One of the things that make AHT home windows perfectly suited for the Green Bay climate is that they are energy efficient. Some of these energy efficiency features and benefits include:

  • Energy-efficient, multi-pane glass packs – Two layers of Low-E film and krypton gas are sandwiched between three panes of high-performance glass to help lower heat transfer into and out of your home. That means the inside of your home will feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, placing less strain on your HVAC equipment and potentially lowering your energy bills.
  • Tight seals – Drafts are a big problem with leaky windows during hotter and colder periods of the year. Our home windows feature specially engineered seals that virtually eliminate air infiltration.
  • Custom fit – We will tailor-make your home windows to ensure a proper fit for extra protection against the outdoor elements. This can help block out any air seepage and heat transfer, as well as prevent moisture intrusion.

We understand you may have questions to ask about our windows, so our product specialists are standing by to provide you with the answers you need. Contact AHT Wisconsin Windows today for more information about the home windows we install in Green Bay, WI.