GET THE FACTS: Low – e Coating

GET THE FACTS: Low – e Coatings

In this week’s GET THE FACTS series we’re going to talk about low-e coatings and why they are a must have feature when you are shopping for replacement windows in Wisconsin.

What is Low-e Glass?

Low-e stands for low emissivity, which is the ability to transfer energy and heat. Windows treated with low-e are coated with microscopic layers of metal so thin you can’t see them. This coating minimizes UV light without reducing the amount of sunlight allowed to enter the room. More importantly, low-e reflects back the temperature of your home – keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Untreated, standard window glass reflects only 16% of heat. Depending on the type of low-e coating that is applied replacement windows with low-e can reflect back up to 96% of heat! This adds up to huge cost savings on your energy bills.

low e glass
Why do I need Low-e?

Buying replacement windows with low-e is a must!

It’s estimated that close to 90% of a windows heat loss is through the glass.

Low-e helps increase the efficiency of your windows by reflecting back your interior temperature. In addition to increased energy efficiency and reduced utility bills, these coatings allow natural light into your home without the damaging effects of the suns UV rays. Good ahead – enjoy natural sunlight without damage to your flooring, furniture and walls by selecting windows with multiple glazing’s of low-e coatings.

What are the different types of Low-e?

Hard Coating / Passive Low-e

In this process the coating is applied to the ribbon of glass while it’s being produced. This causes the coating to fuse to the hot glass surface creating a strong bond.

This type of coating is best for climates that are always cold because it allows some of the suns infrared energy to pass through the windows.

Soft Coating / Solar Control Low-e

In this process the coating is applied to pre-cut glass in a vacuum chamber. To use this type of coating it must be in an insulated glass unit.

This type of coating is best for climates that are cold and warm because it has a higher U-Value, meaning increased energy efficiency, and has better UV protection. This coating will reflect back the warm or cool air of your home.

What metal coatings are used in Low-e?

Tin is the standard metal used in low-e coatings, used mainly because of it’s reduced cost. Tin reflects heat but not as well as other metals. A step above tin is silver and it helps to increase efficiency due to it’s better reflective nature. The best choice for energy efficiency is titanium which is more reflective than tin and silver. A titanium low-e coating can reduce sun damaging UV rays by up to 99%.

What sets AHT Wisconsin Windows apart from others?

Buying replacement windows and doors is an investment you only want to make once and not all windows and window companies are created equal. That’s why selecting the right replacement window company is critical.

When you put your trust in AHT Wisconsin Windows you get the following benefits:

  • Superior Low-e Glass
    • Titanium low-e application: Most energy efficient and reduces up to 99% of damaging UV rays
    • Soft coat low-e application: Provides uniform coverage
    • 22 layers of directionally applied low-e coatings: Typical windows have 3-6 layers applied. Our 22 directionally applied layers allow passive solar heat during colder months and reflect solar heat during warmer months.
  • Energy Star Most Efficient Window
    • We’ve been named Energy Stars most efficient window 5 years in a row!
  • 50-year Warranty
    • Hands down, the best warranty you’ll ever find!
    • Not prorated and fully transferrable.
    • Warranty for workmanship and product.
  • Experience and Reputation
    • We’ve been selling and installing windows since 1967 and have an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Testimonials, Reviews and Pictures
  • Options to Fit Every Budget
    • We have partnerships with a variety of lenders and our expert consultants will work with you to find a payment that is comfortable for your budget and make your home improvement dream a reality.
  • Solid Core Composite Frame with Triple Panes of Glass
    • Up to 400% stronger than rigid vinyl
    • Available in a variety of colors to fit every decor
    • Warm edge spacer system
    • 2 layers of gas fills

AHT Wisconsin Windows proudly serves the following areas: Neenah, Green Bay, Waupaca, Janesville, Beaver Dam, Fon du Lac and surrounding areas. Call AHT Wisconsin Windows today at 866-367-6560 to find out if we service your area.

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