Five Fun Ways to Save for Replacement Windows

As a Wisconsin homeowner, you’ve probably heard countless tips on how to save money. Some of the ideas are valuable; others you’ve long since forgotten. But did you actually find yourself following any of the advice? If not, it might be because the ideas were simply practical, common sense type tips.


Clipping coupons, changing your cell phone plan, and packing a lunch daily are all fine ideas, but they don’t do much to put your creative mind to work. As a change of pace, we came up with five ways to save for replacement windows that you may not have considered yet. Each idea is safe and legal, and some involve a team effort while others can be done solo. We’ll leave the testing of each idea up to you.


Five Fun Ways to Save for Replacement Windows

1. Make a movie. These days your iPhone or an iPad are great resources for amateur filmmaking. Write a story, shoot your film, and share it with friends and family—at a reasonable price for tickets of course. Give it a home connection by making your current windows a central part of the story.


2. Write a children’s book. Keep it small and intimate. Use your own child’s name as the main character and find an illustrator who is willing to work for free. Self-publish, and talk to a local merchant about making the book available at that store exclusively.


3. Create a unique work of art. Using whatever materials you already have access to, including recycled items, design and build something attention-grabbing that gets people talking. It could be a sculpture or something functional to use at home. Create a Facebook page for the item or list it on eBay, asking for bids for the completed work.


4. Launch a loose change competition. Challenge family members, neighbors or coworkers to a month-long event to see who can collect more coins. The one with the most coins collected could win everyone else’s loose change.


5. Start a $2 business. Since you can get replacement windows in Wisconsin for as little as $57 per month, that translates into less than $2 a day. Your $2 service could consist of whatever you can do in 10-15 minutes. A $2 product could be bottled water you make available to people at the local jogging trail or coffee for evening school events.