Facts about glazing replacement windows, glass thickness, and the amount of air space

If you have shopped for replacement windows in the past, then you know that there are more options than just how many panes of glass you can get.  Upgrading your windows can help with energy efficiency, noise reduction, UV-ray protection, and durability.  Some options to upgrade your replacement windows include Low-E Coating, Glass Thickness, and Amount of Airspace.

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Just like choosing the number of panes of glass, there are also options to choose the number of glazes you want like single-glazed, double-glazed, and triple-glazed.

  • Single-glazed windows replacement windows – This is the cheapest option but not recommended for Wisconsin’s climate.  It is the least energy-efficient option because it leaves your home more susceptible to drafts on cold and windy days.
  • Double-glazed replacement windows – Some ready-made, or stock, replacement windows you’ll find at the lumberyards or large home-supply stores are double-glazed with varying degrees of energy efficiency based on several factors.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of the glass makes a huge difference.  When someone refers to ½-inch insulated glass units, it doesn’t mean that the glass itself is ½-inch thick.  It means that you’ve got two sheets of glass that are each ⅛-inch think, with ¼-inch of air space between them.  The overall measurement, from outside surface to outside surface, is ½-inch — the typical width for double-glazed windows.  Triple-glazed windows are generally 1 inch thick and made of three sheets of glass.  They are also much more energy-efficient than single or double glazed windows.

Amount of Air Space

Increasing the amount of air space between the pieces of glass makes the insulated glass thickness more energy efficient.  The introduction of insulating gases into these air spaces creates a better insulating median.  Argon is used to help insulate but dissipates through glass over time.  Krypton is the most insulating and does not dissipate through the glass. madison replacement window company

Replacement windows are a large investment so choosing the right upgrades to save you money in the future is important.  Window Low-E Coating, glass thickness, and insulating gas are only a couple of the many options we have available for upgrades.  If you’re in the Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, or Brookfield areas and have more questions about the upgrade options AHT Wisconsin Windows has to offer, visit ahtwindows.com to schedule a free in-home consultation.