Everyday Home Disasters Hype

Think about the last “disaster” you had at home? It might have involved extensive damage to a room or even worse, serious injury to yourself. While neither situation is the outcome you were hoping for, they are both potential results of the inexperienced DIY-person.


Seriousness aside, it’s amusing to see how some sites attempt to prepare you to handle home disasters. Maybe their definition of a home disaster is different. One site promising 30 Quick Fixes and Tips for Everyday Home Disasters includes gems such as Missing Glue Cap Fix, Organize Your Garden Hoses, and How to Loosen a Stuck Nut. When you consider the term “disaster” always accompanies stories about the sinking of the Titanic, loosening a nut that’s stuck seems comical in comparison. To each his own, we suppose.


Every disaster, no matter how large or small it seems, should be addressed and rectified. While you won’t need to call 9-1-1 to find a respond to a missing glue cap, you may need to rely on outside experts to address other issues, such as your windows. That’s where AHT Wisconsin Windows can help.


Whether you’re in Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, Wausau, Oshkosh, Clintonville or the surrounding towns, AHT Wisconsin Windows can help you respond to home “disasters” involving windows and doors, and maintain a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment. By installing durable, high performance Wisconsin replacement windows and doors, we will quickly restore the condition of these key areas of your home, critical for the safety and security of your family. It’s what we’ve been doing best for decades, and what we will continue to provide to our customers in the years ahead.


Whatever your door or window disaster may be, call AHT Wisconsin Windows at 877.578.0495 to schedule a free estimate. Then visit us at www.facebook.com/AHTReplacementWindows and follow us on Twitter @AHTWindows.