Does Your New Home Need Replacement Windows?

old Home Window ReplacementIf you have an older home, it makes sense that you’ll need to replace your windows eventually. The technology to make a super durable, long lasting window, like AHT Wisconsin Windows, has only been around for a couple of decades. Wooden windows don’t last forever, and they’re bound to warp, crack, or rot sooner or later. Even if your home was built with older vinyl windows, replacing them is inevitable over time. But what if your home was built in the last ten years? Are your windows going to stand the test of time?

Old Contractors Cut Corners

Too many new homeowners, even with homes built in the last half-decade, are finding that their home’s windows are in serious need of being replaced. More often than not, the reason this happens is that the contractors that built their home chose to cut their costs by cutting corners.

Many builders will put the most money during construction into the focal points of the home: the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the bathrooms. To counteract these costs, Double hung windows in Appleton, WIthey use cheaper materials in areas that don’t get as much attention, and windows are usually one of the first places this happens. Builders often put in a single pane or cheaply made double pane windows with low-quality metal or vinyl frames into a home. Not only does this leave the new homeowner with inefficient windows that will drive up the home’s energy cost, but it also leaves them with windows that will most likely need to be replaced much sooner than they should be. Even worse, they’re likely stuck with a warranty from the builder that doesn’t cover their crummy windows if they get damaged, and will have to pay for replacements out of their own pocket.

We Will Do it the Right Way

So if you’re planning on building a new home, make sure your contractor doesn’t cut corners and uses a high-quality window from the start. But if you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a home built with cheap windows and need to get them replaced, contact AHT Wisconsin Windows about our super-efficient, long-lasting replacement windows, as well as the 50-year warranty on workmanship and materials that comes with them.