Do you need new replacement windows?

Do you need replacement windows? The short answer is probably yes.  You’re thinking “Now wait a minute, this guy owns a replacement window company! Of course, he’s going to say I need new windows.”  Yes, I do own a replacement window company, and yes, we’re always happy to help homeowners but not at the expense of people who don’t really need new windows.  My point is this: most homeowners would benefit from replacing some or all of their windows, and in this blog we’ll discuss why.

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  • Improved Energy Efficiency – the number one reason homeowners replace windows is to improve energy efficiency.  Windows typically account for up to 50% of the home’s heating and cooling needs.
  • Conduction – Wisconsin winters can mean days stuck at below zero temperatures.  Your home probably feels the coldest right near your home’s windows. You might even feel a draft around your windows.  During the summer you might have your air conditioner cranked up but it’s still warm in your home. These situations are due to conduction (also referred to as convection), or the passage of heat or cold through surfaces, in this case, the glass or window frame
  • Air Infiltration – Another way air passes from outside to inside the home is through cracks or gaps in the window frames and/or sashes.  This is known as air infiltration which is usually due to:
    • Windows installed improperly
    • Sloppy framing, caulking, or weather stripping
    • Shrinkage of framing materials due to aging and weather conditions, particularly in wood and vinyl windows
    • The sun cracking and drying out glazing material (the putty holding the glass in the window)
    • Broken or cracked glass
  • Ease of operation and maintenance – This (particularly cleaning) is the second most frequent reason homeowners replace their windows.  Most newer windows either swing, slide or tilt in for easier cleaning meaning you no longer have to go outside to wash the exterior surfaces.
  • Security, sound, and other factors – Many older windows don’t have locks, and even if they do, they may not work very well.  This can pose major security concerns as well as safety issues. Windows today come with a variety of locking mechanisms, and additional security hardware can be added as needed.  

Another reason homeowners replace old windows is excessive street or neighborhood noise.  New replacement windows reduce sound transmission.

If you want to work with a replacement window company that has been serving Wisconsin homeowners for more than 50 years, call AHT Wisconsin Windows at 888.874.9339. All of our windows are made in the USA and come with a 50- year warranty on the windows and workmanship.  We are a family-owned and operated business that serves Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, and the surrounding areas.