Dangers of Installing Replacement Windows Yourself

You know your way around tools and are handy around the house. You’ve done a lot of home improvement projects and are happy with the results. You’re on a budget and are looking to cut costs any way you can. You’ve watched how-to videos and have read articles and feel you are ready to install your home’s replacement windows yourself.

What could go wrong? A lot actually!

The most expensive home improvement project is the one you must do and pay for twice.

Nice Home With New Replacement WindowsInstalling replacement windows takes more skill than you might realize. It might seem easy on video but keep in mind those people are usually trained professionals and have installed hundreds or thousands of replacement windows. If you are truly looking to cut costs, look at the long-term savings selecting the right replacement window installed by professionals will bring you. If you try installation yourself, you may end up with more problems down the road.

Read on to learn about the 5 reasons to hire a professional to install your replacement windows:

1. Lead Exposure

Close up of a window in ClintonvilleAny home built prior to 1978 may contain lead paint which can negatively affect almost every organ and system in your body. The EPA requires all licensed window installers to be trained and certified to follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

If your home was built prior to 1978 it could be dangerous to yourself and your family to install replacement windows yourself.

2. Voiding the Manufacturer Warranty

If you experience trouble in the future with your windows you may not have a warranty to rely on if you install the windows yourself. Refer to the warranty section titled “What is NOT covered by this Warranty” and it will read, in similar language, “{Manufacturer name} is not responsible for product failure or damage due to improper installation of the product”. If this is your first or second time installing replacement windows it may be difficult to argue the problems with your window are a result of a manufacturer defect vs. improper installation.  

3. Window Performance Problems

When installing replacement windows, it is critical for the performance of the window that it is plumb, square and level. This is why improper installation will void a manufacturer warranty.

A replacement window that is not exactly plumb, square and level will experience:

Air loss

Air leakage


Inability to seal

Difficulty opening and closing

Difficulty locking and unlocking

Window instability – leaning to one side

4. Time

Expect to spend 4-6 hours for installation per replacement window, or longer, for those located on a second level. The average house has 10 windows, which means you should set aside 40-60 hours for window replacement. Do you really have that much time to set aside to complete the task?

5. Tools

If you have experience in DIY you probably already have most of the tools needed and didn’t give this topic a second thought. Most people don’t have is the specialized tools to bend aluminum cladding. Working with aluminum can be challenging and has a steep learning curve. Don’t think you can forgo the cladding! This is what helps to create the exterior weathertight seal and your window performance will suffer if this is skipped or done incorrectly.

Buying replacement windows and doors is an investment you only want to make once.  That’s why selecting the right company to buy from and install your replacement windows is critical. All members of our installation team are AHT Wisconsin Windows employees, not subcontractors, and are trained and certified to install your replacement window.

AHT Wisconsin Windows has a solid core composite frame that has been named by Energy Star as “Most Efficient” since 2014. We have been helping Wisconsin homeowners save up to 40% on their heating and cooling costs since 1967!

We also have a full 50-year non-prorated warranty covering installation and products and it’s fully transferable if you sell your home.  

We have partnerships with a variety of lenders who will work with you to find a payment that is comfortable for your budget and make your home improvement dream a reality.

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