Cool Fall Days & Nights in Wisconsin


fall Wisconsin windows

No one needs to tell you how the weather changes in Wisconsin this month. You may hear it from TV meteorologists daily. You might even chat about it with your neighbor. But the most direct way to determine how much the daily temperature drop is affecting you is to note the comfort level in your own home.

In Green Bay, the average daily high in October is 57. The average low is 38. The high and low temperature in Oshkosh is only two degrees higher. Once the sun sets on Wisconsin, you may feel an instant chill and feel the need to turn on the heat if the thermostat isn’t set automatically to maintain a certain temperature. While that works to warm up rooms in your home, the issue may be coming from inside, not outside your house.

Aging windows are often to blame for higher heating bills in Wisconsin. When temperatures drop, inefficient windows allow cool air to enter the home and warm air to escape. When this happens, it should be no surprise when your monthly utility bill rises considerably.

Turning that flow of energy around may require the installation of replacement windows. Windows designed specifically for weather conditions in Wisconsin allow you to better control your energy bills during these cooler months, and will do the same year round as temperatures warm back up again in the spring and summer. You still recall the unseasonable warmth we experienced back in March, right?

When shopping for replacement windows this month, be sure to look for a contractor who can provide a superior product. AHT Wisconsin Windows installs Compozit windows in the homes of your Wisconsin neighbors, ensuring lower energy costs, a more secure home, a reduced amount of UV rays, with an enhanced beauty and curb appeal. These windows demand virtually no maintenance either.

Take a moment to look at one of last fall’s energy bills. Could you handle that same bill this year? What if it was 3% higher? 5% higher?

AHT Wisconsin Windows invites you to call us for a free replacement windows estimate. See how this investment in your Wisconsin home could give you a year round advantage. Call 877-578-0495 and ask about our $57 per month plan.